Advice before buying another car

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January 2017

Buying another car? Read this first

Maybe it’s your son or daughter that is going off to university who needs a reliable set of wheels. Maybe it’s your mom who needs a more dependable ride. Maybe it’s your family who is buying a second car for the first time…


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Need help resolving a dispute with a mechanic? Get a qualified technical expert on your side with Automotive Technical Investigation.




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Happy New Year! Does that mean Happy New Car? Please take our short 2 minute survey to let us know if the new year is a good time to purchase a new or additional vehicle.

Legal motoring question


Under what circumstances will a traffic offender incur a criminal record? The Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 is the most applicable legislation relating to traffic fines and the circumstances under which a motorist will acquire a criminal record…



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