Name and Shame to protect our kids

Name and Shame to protect our kids by Funky

I’m just wondering because there are so many ladies on this forum who have been abused or who know of people who have abused children if we shouldn’t have a sticky naming the abusers maybe have the names submitted to a moderator confidentually so that no one knows who the victoms are? The reason I say this is because my step father is still heavely involved in the Christian community and has access to little girls and because he was only convicted of sexual abuse in 1995 his name is not on the sex offenders registery. People don’t belive that he is a peodophile because of his little baby voice and because he has a degree in theology and he had the ordasity to tell people that he only admited to it to save me the embarresment of my lying about him :confused and people actually believe this monster!!!! I just think that this could help to protect some childen that you may know from these abusers as this is a very small world – I’ve seen a few other web pages before that name and shame child sex offenders and I just thought that because this is a mommy and baby chat forum that it would be good to at least warn other moms of these guys 




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