Perlemoen accused reveals sources of R800 000

Julian Brown may be in trouble with the law, but the suspected perlemoen kingpin has better friends than most.

He revealed his connections in an affidavit when he said his friends were willing to fork out nearly R800 000 in bail money.

From his fiancee’s brother-in-law, to “business acquaintances” and the father of his former girlfriend, members of the group apparently each contributed towards the 30-yearold’s bail last year.

And Brown is now fighting tooth and nail to prevent the R800 000 from being forfeited to the state.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) obtained a preservation order from the Port Elizabeth High Court on November 22, claiming Brown could not have generated the money through his company, J&B Construction.

They believe the money is the proceeds of unlawful activities.

If the order is confirmed, Brown, or his friends, will have to kiss the R800 000 goodbye – and he could find himself back behind bars in no time, forced to reapply for bail.

Brown, who has moved to Jeffreys Bay, is the alleged head of a multimillion-rand perlemoen syndicate and faces charges which include racketeering.

After being granted bail by the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on July 14 – the highest amount in Port Elizabeth to date – it took him less than 48 hours to get the cash.

Now, in papers before the high court, he claims only R5 000 of that money came from his own pocket.


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