Real Estate Website


  • Flexible Extendable Filter on All Properties page.
  • Fields such as price, bathrooms, bedrooms, features, address, work out of the box.
  • Any amount of custom attributes (fields) and property types.
  • Different attributes’ fields inputs are available, e.g. Text Editor, Number, Currency, File and Image Upload, URL, Date and Color Pickers, etc.
  • Flexible Search.
  • Pagination and sorting works on search results.
  • Property result pagination via AJAX.
  • Property queries by custom attributes.
  • Localized Google Maps.
  • Customizable templates for different property types.
  • SEO friendly URLs generated for every property, following the WordPress format.
  • Customizable widgets: Featured Properties, Property Search, Property Gallery, and Child Properties.
  • Google Maps API to automatically validate physical addresses behind-the-scenes.
  • Integrates with Media Library, avoiding the need for additional third-party Gallery plugins.
  • Advanced image type configuration using UI.
  • Property types follow a hierarchical format, having the ability of inheriting settings – i.e. buildings (or communities) will automatically calculate the price range of all floor-plans below them.


  • Child Properties. Show child properties (if any) for currently displayed property
  • Featured Properties. List of properties that were marked as Featured
  • Latest Properties. List of the latest properties created on this site.
  • Other Properties. Display a list of properties that share a parent with the currently displayed property.
  • Property Attributes. Display a list of selected property attributes when loaded on a single property page.
  • Property Search. Display a highly customizable property search form.
  • Property Gallery. List of all images attached to the current property.
  • Property Overview. Display a list of properties using flexible bunch of settings.
  • Property Map. Displays property map of current or particular property.
  • List Attachments. Displays attachments of current property.

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